A Partnership for Healthy Living

In the spirit of cooperation and healthy living promotion, St. Bernards and Gearhead decided to leverage resources and partner on these major health and wellness events that each of them offer throughout the year, creating the “Get in Gear” Fitness Series, which will commence in January 2017 with the New Year’s Day Goal Setting Gala. Following, each month will hold a major event and will be co-sponsored by St. Bernards Healthcare and Gearhead Outfitters. Through our promotions and events we expect to reach an estimated 35,000 people in our region.

Goals for Get In Gear

Educate participants on healthy living | Raise money for important philanthropies that also promote healthy living for populations facing disadvantages  | Improve population health in Northeast Arkansas and Southern Missouri.

Because our region has significantly high levels of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, the focus will be to significantly change the population health outcomes for these three life threatening diseases through healthy living education, promotion, and increased participation.

Education / Health Screening

Each event will have several components, including an educational/informational piece to increase participants’ knowledge of the importance of healthy eating, daily exercise, and preventative healthcare.

In addition, most events will offer opportunities for free screening of key health metrics, i.e., weight, body fat composition, waist circumference, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and more.

Reward System

Participants will be rewarded at the end of the “Get In Gear” year at a final event. Groups rewarded will be schools, businesses, nonprofit organizations, families, and individuals. Schools will be grouped by classification; business, and nonprofits will be broken down by number of employees, families can choose to enter as a group to compete against other families, and individuals will be broken down by age groups.

Areas of reward are:

  • Participation points
  • Percent change in health outcomes
  • Percent change in healthcare knowledge
  • Dollars raised
  • Each winning group/individuals will choose from reward packages. Examples include but are not limited to shoes, jackets, playground equipment, exercise/fitness equipment, free memberships, free instruction for athletic programs. Participation will be measured by percentage, not number, of participation to create a level playing ground for small schools, businesses, etc.


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